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A shocking twistElectrifying Discovery

You work for a multi-million dollar research company and get word that the CIA are on their way to destroy all of the company's research. There is a treasure trove of research documents from a famous scientist that have never been released to the public. You have one hour to find the documents before the CIA gets their hands on them and they are lost forever.

Fun for all agesThe collector

A well known collector of artifacts from around the world has black market ties that have linked him to the disappearance of an "Egyptian amulet". You and your team, the local law enforcement, have a warrant to search the collector's personal office for incriminating evidence, and finding the amulet could skyrocket your career. You need to work fast before the state police take over the case. So far there is no sign of the collector or the amulet...

Find Your Way through the darkThe Misfortune Teller

Dabbling in the darks arts did not sound like a good idea, but the local fortune teller obliged and was met with fatal misfortune. Grab a flashlight as you attempt to solve the mysteries left behind by the fortune teller.

Steal as much as you canThe underground casino

Running out of money and out of options, you and your crew break into an underground casino. After tying up the guests, you now have 60 minutes to raid the casino floor. A unique twist on an escape room, scored by how much you can steal before the clock runs out.

Great for large groups and ambitous challengersThe Collector's Warehouse

It has been years since the collector stole the ancient egyptian amulet, but now he is cornered in his Warehouse. Step into our largest room to see what adventures await. A suitable challenge for groups of up to 15 people.