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Built by Strong Community, Iowa Roots About Our Business

At GoFree, we intend to create an environment that lets you do just that, go free. We want you to let your imagination take over and become part of the experience. Here you will be immersed in any numer of places and times in history, and possibly even the future, using nothing but your judgment and reasoning to find your way through puzzles, codes, clues and secrets to ultimately solve the room and escape. Ironically, your escape begins when you walk in the door and let your mind go free.

An escape room is a live adventure in which players work together to solve a series of puzzles, clues, and riddles to complete an assigned mission.  Players are given a set amount of time to complete their task and reach their goal of “escaping” through successful mission completion.

GoFree Escape Rooms opened just recently, but the idea of owning a business started a long time ago. The two of us, Adam and Chris, grew up locally in the Cedar Rapids area. We went to school together and always talked about starting our own business in high school and throughout college. With persistence, hard work, and an exciting concept, the idea of GoFree Escape Rooms finally came to be in the fall of 2017.

We love creating challenging but fun story lines, themes, and puzzles that will ensure you have an outstanding experience - whether this be an outing with friends, a family get-together, celebration, or team building activity. We believe in our community and supporting local businesses and with GoFree, we have the opportunity to be part of that.